XI Omega our History

In the fall of 1960 a small group of men at Kansas State College of Pittsburg formed a new local fraternity. Not a small task. More than just a social group of men dissatisfied with the offerings of the Greek System on their campus, these same men wrote by-laws, a unique ritual, coat-of-arms, pledge pin, active pin, and all the other fraternity related regalia often taken for granted by existing fraternities. They became the forerunner of unique events and socials unseen on the campus before.

Most important of all was their single unifying goal: Petition Sigma Chi International Fraternity for a chapter on this campus. Before this goal was accomplished in 1964, this group of men made a colorful and dynamic impact on the campus that later became PSU.

This spot is going to feature some of the outstanding events Xi Omega featured. Events taken from the minutes, newsletters, Collegio reports, and other sources will be presented here.

There were so many amazing accomplishments that those who missed this era may have not known. Accomplishments like representing the campus with being the president of the Student Assembly, President of the Student Union Board for several years in a row; President of the Inter-Fraternity Council; Editorships of the campus newspaper, the Collegio; Editorships of the Kanza; members in Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities; numerous representatives as Class officers, sports, and so many more.

No other fraternity accomplished as much in such a short period of time. And now, having started with only 14 men on the campus of PSU, they accomplished their goal and have over 1,000 members in the Zeta Iota Chapter of Sigma Chi.

We hope this section will help you see and live the legacy that these men started: a local fraternity who provided the base for the perpetuation of friendship, justice, and learning. Those of us who experienced this trip know full well that “we stood on the shoulders of giants.”

We hope that looking at this past will provide further motivation to attain and maintain the spirit of youth and the thrill of accomplishment in the name of all those who provided such a stimulus.


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