About Us

We all have experienced the joys of Sigma Chi Fraternity during our college years. Once we graduate, our careers and lives take us in many different directions. We move to different parts of the world, our work is our priority, we get married, we have children, etc, etc, etc. But, what we learned and experienced in college and the bonds of brotherhood never leave us. We all chose Sigma Chi for our own personal reasons and we all share a certain bond that connects us all……young and old. To keep this bond into the future, we formed the Zeta Iota Alumni Association. Our mission is to make this bond a lifelong bond and not just something we experienced during our college years.

Several years ago, brothers from different decades wondered what would happen if the Sigma Chi Chapter at Pittsburg State University no longer existed. Would we still get together? Would there be a common bond? As a result, these brothers created what we know today as the Zeta Iota Alumni Association. Among many things, this Association was responsible for the awesome 45th and 50th Anniversary celebrations of our Fraternity. We also realize that alumni working together can create a strong relationship between the active Chapter and the brothers who preceded them. We all can learn from each other in how we define our lives as a Sigma Chi.

Our hopes of the Association is to provide a place for all brothers to continue their meaningful bonds of brotherhood. It is not a four-year commitment, rather a love that continues many years into the future. Life is a difficult journey so why not take this journey with brothers who share your same common beliefs? And, let’s make sure what we experienced can also extend to the many individuals who wish to become Sigma Chis in the future.

With the help of many brothers preceding us, the current group of alumni brothers have taken a step forward to continue our journey…..as of 2013, the officers of Zeta Iota Alumni Association are as follows:

Alumni Association Board

Special Recognition: George Lampe, Todd Mendon, Mark Ross, Bill England, and many more behind the scenes. Sorry if we missed you and we can update!

President – Gene Stegeman

Vice President – Mike Collar

Social Chairman – Phil Putthoff

Secretary – Gene Schmidt

Finance – Mark Van Auken

House Corp – Jeff Roith

Contact information

ZI Alumni Association

E-mail: zisigmachialumni@gmail.com

Chapter House
1714 South Broadway,
Pittsburg, KS 66762.

Sigma Chi Headquarters
P.O. Box 469, 1714 Hinman Ave., Evanston, IL 60201-469

Telephone: 1-847-869-3655
E-mail: uncle_runkle@sigmachihq.orgJe